Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I've been forced into a new template with Blogger that I am not at all happy with .  I heard complaints but they were of trying to use the unfamiliar. Mine is not that at all.  It is that I loved my old template so much! All four of my blogs on Blogger are in the same simple, black template that I liked so much.  So far I have not had to change any of them but will be forced to at some point.  There is an option to use CSS but I am not at all knowledgeable in that realm.  

The template I have chosen is called simple and is closest to the previous one which you can see by pressing pictures and Pursuits or one of the other Blogger blogs listed to the right.  I will work on this template and try to improve what I can .


....peter said...

I like the way that you framed the horses through the trees Mary... i am not sure how your Island Walk works but i know what i like....peter:)

Cuidado said...

I prefer a black background. New templates were forced upon us and it is a chore to change anything unless you know programming. Thanks for coming by, Peter. Check out the other blogs too.